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The Health Gate Model A is our successful model with the possibility of contactless hand disinfection and body temperature measurement. The special and unique feature of this model is that the measurement result of the body temperature can be transmitted directly to an APP within the Bluetooth distance. Thus no additional personnel costs arise and hygiene - and health concept improve.

MODEL A FRONT HVID_clipped_rev_1_clipped
APP GRÖN 2_clipped_rev_1.png

Unit price

€ 730.00

plus tax and transport

Our mission is to contribute to a safe and fast reopening of our society, where employees and customers can feel safe through a simple preventive diagnosis that does not require additional staff and can operate 24/7.

Washing and disinfection of hands enabled effective prevention of the spread of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Temperature control has become another basic and routine activity in all places where we are.

We believe that our stations can not only help society prevent the further spread of the pandemic, but also teach us how to control our own safety during a pandemic itself.


Payton Business Services dba  PBS

North American Exclusive Distributor for Healthgate Medical Devices

303 253 4319  direct

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