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Early detection is of great importance for every disease, but especially for all viral diseases due to the high risk of infection .

The symptoms of COVID19 appear 1 to 14 days (usually 5 to 6 days) after infection. Increased body temperature is the only consistent symptom in almost all viral diseases, and the only one that can be measured.

Frequent measurement of body temperature in connection with existing measures supports early detection and helps limit the pandemic.

The right equipment is important here. It must be a recognized medical device with reliable measurements. It must be GDPR compliant, it must be automatic and contact-free. Can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without additional personnel costs, but with a secure control function.

Health Gate devices do this and more ...


approx. 20% of the people who tested positive showed no symptoms in the first phase (1 to 5 days asymptomatic), but 80% of these have symptoms in the second phase (6 to 14 days presymptomatic). Mathematically, 4 out of 100 people have no symptoms but are contagious.

Fever-free therefore does not automatically mean COVID19 negative and all measures must continue to be observed.

Source: ZDF Today via the University of Bern

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