Our Health Gate devices enable contactless hand disinfection. We also offer automatic versions for measuring body temperature. These devices have an additional application via a special app that automatically saves the user's body temperature and transmits it within the Bluetooth distance.

In order to meet the wishes of our customers, the multimedia stations have areas that are ideal for placing your advertising content.




Our mission is to contribute to a safe and fast reopening of our society, in which employees and customers can feel safe through a simple preventive diagnosis, which does not require additional staff and which can be in operation around the clock.

Washing and disinfecting the hands enable viruses and bacteria to be effectively combated and spread. Taking body temperature measurements has become another basic and routine activity wherever we go.

We believe that our stations can not only help to support society from further spread of the pandemic, but also show how we can control our own safety in the event of a pandemic.

Why disinfection stations?
2020 brought new results. The epidemic situation has become clear and the basic problem. The only possible and effective way to protect yourself from this new virus is through disinfection. The World Health Organization recommends hand washing and disinfection as one of the most effective ways to fight the virus. Among the symptoms of the disease, we can note an increased body temperature. That is why we have developed and installed a non-contact fever measurement.

We would like our disinfection stations to become an integral part of all offices, shops, clinics, hotels, schools, universities, stadiums, event halls and halls and every public facility that is particularly infected. We paid particular attention to aesthetics and commissioned the best specialists in the field of industrial design to design our disinfection stations. Different colors and screens with the option of presenting content allow individual adaptation to your respective installation locations.

Why disinfection stations from us?
Choosing our disinfection station means above all a strong signal to your entire environment. You know that you have done everything to have your employees, customers, students, pupils and visitors to events of all kinds preventively protected.